Saving lives of wounded and civilians

Thousands of rescue workers risk their lives on active battlefields evacuating civilians and wounded. Our mission is to provide them with the needed tools and equipment to make their job safer and more efficient. This includes medical equipment, communication equipment and reconnaissance drones.

With the help of your donations, our volunteers will hand deliver this aid directly to the hands of these workers. The first batch of aid was delivered on April 27th, 2022. Due to the longevity of this senseless war supplies are running out and more aid is needed. Help us raise $100,000 to hand deliver a second batch of aid.

April 27, 2022 – Kyiv, Ukraine – Artur Pynda and Oleg Pynda delivering aid packages
Delivery of reconnaissance drones
Destruction of civilian homes
Civilian cars and busses destroyed while trying to evacuate
Graves of hundreds of Ukrainians who were not able to make it out of Irpin, Ukraine

Your donation makes a difference and will help save lives!