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Legal Advocacy

Case management Services
Interpretation and Translation
Crisis Counseling
Parenting Education Classes
Children and Youth After School Programs
Senior Health and Nutrition Classes
Service Provider Training
School of Ukrainian Studies

Legal Advocacy Services:

• Assistance with and training on how to complete and file various legal forms, petitions, and other documents including, CPS, domestic, and insurance forms.

• Counseling on various legal issues.

• Attorney and Medical referrals.

• Advocates who can contact, and negotiate with various service providers, as well as accompany you to your appointments with organizations such as DSHS, BCIS, Social Security, Housing Managers, etc

Case Management Services:

• Counseling

• Assessment of service needs

• The development of service plans according to the clients’ needs, leading them to self-sufficiency.

• Act as a liaison between the client and various service providers to bridge the gaps that may exist.

• Assist in locating subsidized social, medical and other programs i.e. SSI, welfare, Medicaid, housing, and BHP.

• Outreach, in-house visits, and follow-ups.

Interpretation and Translation:

• Ukrainian, Russian and Polish interpreters that will accompany you to your appointments.

• Notarized translation of legal documents, certificates, passports, diplomas, etc.

• Help obtaining apostles or authentication/certification of legal documents

• Power of Attorney

• Guest Invitations into the U.S.

• Assistance registering in consulate offices, obtaining native passports and re-entry visas.

Crisis Counseling

Counseling for victims of family, drug, and alcohol related abuse.

Providing seminars for youth and women on abuse, harassment, and other types of violence.

Linking victims to specialized services providers.

For families who qualify for low-income, most of the following services are FREE:

• Assistance with changing the status (Naturalization and/or Green Card).

• Naturalization classes for non-citizens.

• Assistance with Green Card Lottery.

• Travel documents and Re-entry Permits

• Employment Authorization

• Visitor and Student Visas

Parenting Education Classes:

• Extensive 4-hour parenting classes that meet the specific needs of families.

• Counseling sessions with soon-to-be and new parents.

• Individual counseling for families in crisis.

Children and Youth After -School Programs:

• Art lessons that expand creativity and imagination and engage children to look at the world from a different point of view.

• Musical instruction as well as other music-related activities, and formation of the Brass Band Orchestra.

• Recreational activities such as sports, outdoor excursions and field trips.

• The Oral History Project

• Tutoring programs

Senior Activities:

• Nutrition classes on foods that are recommended for seniors and on the benefits of keeping a healthy diet, as well as recommendations and meal plans that will help seniors stay stronger and live longer.

• Exercise programs that focus rejuvenating the body and reducing blood pressure and heart rate.

• Free nutritious meals provided to seniors at the end of class.

• Group activities such as field trips and outdoor excursions.

• English as a Second Language (ESL) classes

• Support Groups

• Counseling.

Service Provider Training:

• Training seminars on:

    - Cultural Appropriateness

    - The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of servicing Eastern-European Refugees.


School of Ukrainian Studies - IVAN I OHIYENKO

The School of Ukrainian Studies is a Saturday school providing instruction in Ukrainian as a second language to primary and secondary school students.

This school is non-denominational and open to all school aged children in the Greater Puget Sound area. Apart from studying the Ukrainian language, we teach also the culture, history and traditions - all in a fun environment. Classes are typically held on Saturday between noon 10.00 am and 2.00 pm

School Objectives:

Curriculum: Based on traditional programs previously offered at Ukrainian School